About Pegasus Engineering

Highest Quality Services – Practical Solutions

Pegasus Engineering, LLC was founded in the Greater Orlando area by experienced civil engineering professionals and is now in its second decade of providing high-quality public infrastructure engineering services.  Pegasus has primarily provided transportation and stormwater management engineering services across Florida to cities, counties, FDOT (Districts 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7), and the Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX, formerly OOCEA).

Pegasus is a certified SBE firm headquartered in Winter Springs (Seminole County), with a branch office in the Tampa Bay Area. Furthermore, Pegasus is exceptionally fortunate to have experienced almost zero staff turnover due to our collegial work environment, an exceptional accomplishment among engineering firms across rapidly growing Florida.

Pegasus’ consistent provision of highest quality professional services is also attributed to the fact that our Professional Engineers have an average engineering experience level of over 25 years.

Unsurpassed Record of Service To Our Clients

It is especially noteworthy that Pegasus has achieved an unsurpassed record among consulting engineering firms, having never experienced any lawsuits regarding services Pegasus has provided.  The professional teamwork of our highly experienced team members on each assignment has played a key role in Pegasus’ remarkable success!

Pegasus’ highly experienced staff of engineers and designers have the qualifications and experience to successfully complete a wide range of transportation and stormwater assignments for Florida’s governmental entities and agencies.  We endeavor to partner with each client to thoroughly understand and serve their objectives. Whether it’s development of a practical solution to a transportation or stormwater challenge, or an innovative approach required to meet budget and/or schedule constraints, Pegasus endeavors to consistently provide the highest value possible from start to finish.