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Transportation Engineering Services
The team at Pegasus Engineering is among the most experienced in the State of Florida when it comes to transportation engineering services. From multi-lane highway design to large-scale traffic operations, we have a proven track record of successful projects in Florida.

At Pegasus Engineering, our senior team has conducted corridor studies for a variety of different road projects including local two-lane rural and urban roads, connector roads, and major parkways through high-density urban areas and sparsely populated rural areas. We have also conducted corridor and alignment studies, traffic signal warrant studies, feasibility and environmental assessments.

As part of our roadway design services, we provide survey coordination, right-of-way mapping, construction plans, horizontal and vertical control, drainage, specifications, traffic operations, lighting design coordination, and construction administration.

With many transportation initiatives, public participation and education is a key factor when evaluating and planning roadway improvement projects. Our senior team is highly experienced in this area, and is well prepared to develop and execute successful Public Involvement and Awareness Programs.


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